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About Us

Pakistan College of Law was established in January 1996. It was affiliated to the University of Punjab in September 1996. The College campus is situated at 46-A Tipu Block, New Garden Town, Lahore. The College is run by a private sector non-profit organization.

Since its inception, Pakistan College of Law has progressed continuously through obtaining top position in University results, international linkage Programmes, certificate courses and the outstanding performance by our students in international forums. All these achievements have made PCL the premier law college in the country. What makes PCL Programmes special is the breadth of our curriculum, an impressive intellectual community of teachers and scholars heightened by visiting professors as well as constant participation by Bar members.

At PCL we provide our students a very personal experience of getting to know their faculty, their Dean along with Judges of the superior courts and members of the Bar. Our students are also exposed to eminent scholars from around the world from prestigious institutions and leaders in their areas of expertise.

At PCL our goals are very clear. Being the nation’s top and most progressive law college, we intend to ensure that our students are prepared to prevail in the changing legal market.

Why Choose PCL?

Pakistan College of Law is a gateway to professional life. Since 1996, we have led in developing legal education and modern professional practice. In this demanding environment, quality is paramount. We offer practical, relevant knowledge honed through transferable skills like team work, communication and leadership qualities required in your future career. PCL combines a long and distinguished history of educational achievements with courses, attuned to the latest developments in law, technology and culture. These have included courses like human rights law, environmental law, which PCL introduced into the curriculum. A graduate programme is a challenging intellectual experience that is designed to provide you with specialist knowledge and hone your professional survival skills. PCL offers a mature environment for students on professional, graduate and research programmes that anticipate developments in professional life and in applied knowledge. You will become part of a highly diverse community studying alongside those from a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and aspirations. You’ll be joining a College, which has extensive experience in assisting those who have other commitments to develop their skills and knowledge that will improve their personal and career prospects. At graduate and professional levels, forming an effective network is as important as gaining specific knowledge. There is much to learn from sharing experiences with present and former students of the College through open events and lectures. Study at an advanced level is designed to develop knowledge at the forefront of professional practice in any field and to engage you in continuous learning and development through independent reasoning and research. These skills developed through participatory learning are needed to meet challenges of a market facing rapid technological and social change, where portfolio careers are a reality.

Our Aims

Pakistan College of Law is dedicated to the professional training of future lawyers. To accomplish this goal, the College strives to provide an effective and inspiring faculty that can train students in legal analysis and in developing articulate and persuasive oral and written skills of advocacy. In line with this, the faculty is committed towards the following aims and objectives of the College:

  • To maintain high academic standards;
  • To expand the substantive knowledge of students;
  • To equip the students with legal professional skills;
  • To develop an academic methodology that commensurate with the requirements of
    practical legal training;
  • To prepare our students for competitive exams such as CSS, PCS and Judicial Service
  • To refine the intellectual abilities of our students to ensure their eligibility for higher
    education abroad;
  • To nurture in our students the vision to uphold professionalism with a strong sense of
    leadership; and
  • To prepare our students for successful careers in multinational corporations, banks and
    other international organizations such as UNO, World Bank and IMF.