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Institutional Recognition

The efforts and achievements of PCL have earned it respect and recognition from institutions and leaders in the legal sphere.

Chief Justice of Pakistan
Chief Justice of Pakistan, Honourable Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry applauds PCL’s efforts:

“efforts of Pakistan College of Law are very impressive and required to be followed by all other Colleges in the country for the purpose of raising the standards of education”.

British Council’s Report on Pakistan’s Legal Education prepared by Nick Olley, Director International, College of Law of England and Wales:

“We consider that the Pakistan College of Law is capable of becoming the equivalent in Pakistan of the National Law School of Bangalore in India but it is unnecessarily hampered in so becoming under the current regime”.

Asian Development Bank Logo
Recognition given to Pakistan College of Law by Asian Development Bank in its report upon ‘Pakistan Legal and Judicial Reform Project’

In the part of report that relates to ‘Legal Education and Legal Profession Cluster’, the ADB has commented in following words:

A general comment on the Plight of Legal Education in Pakistan

‘In Pakistan, the past fifty years have seen a decline rather than a strengthening of professional standards and academic excellence in legal education. The quality and output of legal education today whether viewed in professional or academic terms is very poor. The result of this process is clear. Pakistani legal education is not producing lawyers, judges, legal scholars, government legal officials and other law-trained personnel.’

A comment on Pakistan College of Law

‘Pakistan College of Law has emerged as a leader in legal education. It offers enlightened and simulated courses for students the academic staff is dynamic, enthusiastic and committed to both teaching and research. it is a Pakistani Law School that is committed to the ideals of academic excellence

The report further says:

‘With respect to the site of national centers of excellence in legal education and availability of competitive funds for innovations in legal education, the consultancy team notes that the Pakistan College of Law (Lahore) appears to have potential to develop into good law school and should be encouraged to participate fully in programmes, funding competitions and other elements of the proposed program.’