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Legal Writing Workshops

Pakistan College of law of has taken another initiative to optimize LL. B degree with more practical lawyering skills for our future lawyers. In collaboration with University of Arizona, PCL offers an extensive legal writing course twice during an academic term entailing modules on legal research, pleading and opinion writing.  LL. B Year 1 and Year 2 students are given 16 weeks robust training on primordial areas of practice including drafting contracts, deeds, designing petitions, bails and FIRs in a real-life setting. The teaching methodology of the course is interactive with maximum exposure and learning opportunities to the law students to develop more pragmatic acumen. The facilitators with diverse backgrounds and expertise use experiential learning styles to be more effective with the help of audio-video assistance. Students are very keen to enroll for Legal Writing course considering huge value it holds in the litigation arena empowering law learners with critical thinking skills and logical reasoning. Moreover, Legal Writing course allows law learners to foresee challenges of legal practice resultantly paying more focus on drafting and legal language in order to be more employable in the competitive job market. This course is very popular among student body providing a complete insight on lawyering and legal practice. Periodic assessments and feedback from the University of Arizona is a constant support to upgrade the course and content to best meet the needs of the law students. Additionally, with this legal writing course students are provided with the opportunity to develop legal language and drafting skills on international standards to create a competitive edge in the job sector. PCL aspires to bring best of the world to PCL students in regards to academics and practical legal learning.