50th Anniversary of Supreme Court of Pakistan

There can be no better recognition for PCL than being invited to manage the 50th Anniversary of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on 23rd March 2006 in Lahore. It was a huge event in which Advocates from every part of Pakistan gathered in Lahore to celebrate the Event.

The students of PCL were the Management Committee of the event and their efforts were so professional that they received appreciation from the judges of the superior courts and none other than the Chief Justice of Pakistan. PCL faculty member Barrister Shabnam Ishaque was awarded the responsibility to conduct the whole event. In their immaculate uniforms, they received the Prime Minister, Mr. Shaukat Aziz and escorted him along with the Chief Justice to their places. PCL was the sole representative of any educational institution at the event and in recognition for their efforts the Chief Justice invited them along with the Dean for tea and presented them with mementos of the event. It was an exceptional event, which was one of a kind experience that will be cherished by all.