Inauguration of Pakistan Law Review

It was on June 4, 2006, an event took place that stands as the most important milestone in PCL's history. It was the long awaited inauguration of the Pakistan Law Review, which is a Legal Journal published by the Publication Unit of PCL. Months of preparation had gone into the process of publishing the journal and arranging the event in the most serious of environments. The inauguration was conducted in the presence of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, judges of the superior courts and Dr. Nomita Aggarwal of the University of Delhi.

The management committee of the event was the students of PCL, who again shone through their commitment and pride in their institution. The event was given heavy amount of press coverage as PLR is the only Pakistani legal research journal being published to international standards. It was considered to be a unique event. The reviews of the articles were made by the Chief Justice and Dr. Aggarwal, who provided feedback for the forthcoming volumes. The Chief Justice was extremely encouraging in his support for the efforts of the Publication Unit and the College, in particular with the efforts of PCL choir who rendered in the event a beautiful prayer in his honour. All those involved with the publication felt it was a job well done and have already begun on the next volume.

Prime Minister Chief Justice and Student Prime Minister and Chief Justice