Clinical legal education is inherently a cross-cutting theme. If carried out with pedagogical integrity, it deepens the quality of education, and helps lay a foundation for law students to carry with them throughout their careers a greater sense of professional commitment to public service. At the same time, legal clinics often provide needed services to the larger community beyond the classroom on a range of legal issues. Ultimately, clinics immerse the legal academy both students and teachers in the world as actors, not merely observers.

Pakistan College of Law started its first Law Clinic in the Year 2004 and established its offices at Sitara Colony no 2, General Hospital Lahore. The initial survey conducted in the area showed that the predominant number of cases were criminal, while civil cases formed a small number of the total litigation. Criminal cases mostly comprised of theft, house breaking, cheating etc, while civil cases largely involved unlawful possession, custody cases and matrimonial disputes.

The Law Clinic started its work by providing active litigation and counseling both in civil and criminal cases. Complete Assistance was provided to the litigants starting from the filing of the suit to the decision of the case with all the cost born by the Clinic. In cases of matrimonial dispute, where ever possible, issues were resolved through counseling to bring about reconciliation between the parties.

In addition to that, a project for the general awareness regarding law was undertaken in collaboration with the ADB. Pamphlets in Urdu were published and distributed in the area on topics which included the following

  • Landlord Tenant agricultural land
  • Landlord Tenant Urban Land
  • Consumers Rights
  • Law regarding Unlawful Possession
  • Damages
  • Civil Procedure.

Currently Law Clinic is handling a number of criminal and civil cases.