The heart of any Law College is its faculty, which attracts the finest students and together they create an environment for learning. This becomes all the more evident when a Law College is committed, as PCL is committed, towards creating an atmosphere of engagement between the faculty and students. PCL is exceptional in having the largest permanent law faculty from amongst all private law colleges in Pakistan. They are all highly qualified and outstanding in their areas of specialization.

Humayoun Ihsan

M.A (U.Cal), LL.B (P.U.), LL.M (WCL., A.U.)

Professor Humayoun Ihsan has been associated with teaching, researching and legal practice for the past 25 years. After acquiring his education from the University of Punjab, he went on to study at the University of California, Berkeley for his graduate study in International Relations and to Washington College of Law for his LL.M., where he received highest merit certificate upon graduation. He further distinguished himself by being forwarded to the PhD candidacy with honors at the School of International Service, The American University, Washington D.C.

He has the honour of lecturing at several prestigious institutions in Pakistan such as the Civil Service Academy, Staff College, Federal Judicial Academy, Engineering Academy, Human Resources Development Centre, Pakistan Navy War College, and National Defence College amongst many others. Professor Ihsan has also participated and read papers at many national and International seminars and conferences such as the most distinguished Einstein Forum in Germany, Forum of Federation Canada, Salzburg Seminar Austria, Forum of Family, U.S.A, GAJE, Poland. Besides USA, U.K., Germany, Austria, Poland India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka he has been invited to many other countries. His most visits and stay has been in the United States. In the U.K he has been invited by Oxford, Cambridge, London University's SOAS, LSE, Nottingham, Sheffield, New Castle, East Anglea, Glasgow Strethclyde, Buckingham, and Edinburgh. Currently Prof. Ihsan has taken up an important assignment with Federal Govt.

Previously, he taught at Punjab University Law College, PCBA, QLC; and has headed Punjab Law College for a number of years. He has served on many different committees in the country and abroad. He has keen interests in soccer, music, poetry and philosophy.

Tasneem Kausar

LL.B (PCL, Gold Medalist), M.A (PU, Gold Medalist), LL.M (Yale)

Professor Tasneem Kausar is a graduate of Kinnaird College, Lahore and btained her legal education from the Pakistan College of Law. She further obtained a Masters in Political Science from the University of the Punjab. In recognition of her abilities she was awarded, as the first Pakistani woman, the prestigious Yale Law School Scholarship and International Fellowship from the American Association of University Women.

As a student she assisted several eminent Professors in the areas of Criminal Law and Procedure, Family Laws, Constitutional Law, Western and Islamic Jurisprudence. Presently, she is teaching the subjects of Criminal Law, Muslim Personal Law, Islamic Law and Jurisprudence. She is also the Editor in Chief of the Pakistan Law Review along with being the Principal of Pakistan College of Law.

Prof. Kausar has attended several national and international conferences and seminars in US, Canada, France, UK, Nepal, Turkey, India and Australia. Her research has been published in the prestigious national and international journals. Her most recent paper "Judicialization of Politics and Governance in Pakistan" was presented at a conference in Australia, organized by Griffith Asia Institute. This article was published in a book 'Pakistan's Stability Paradox: Regional and Institutional Concerns' in 2011. Her article entitled "Religion, Politics and the Dilemma of National Identity in Pakistan" has been published in Islam, Law and Identity (Routledge/Glasshouse: 2010).

Shabnam Ishaque

LL.B (UK), LL.M (Durham), Bar-at-Law (Lincoln’s Inn)

Barrister Shabnam Ishaque is a member of the Bar of England and Wales and Advocate of the High Courts of Pakistan. She graduated with B.Sc. Honors and studied law from the College of Law of England and Wales, London. After qualifying as a Barrister from the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn, she began legal practice in Commercial Law. She also holds an LL.M in International Trade and Commercial Law from University of Durham, UK.

She served as a Federal Officer of the Government of Pakistan upon being selected through the Central Superior Services of Pakistan Examinations. Her primary teaching areas are Land Law, Equity and Trust, Contract Law, Public Law and Family Law. She is also a Dissertation Supervisor and presently is the Director of the University of London International Programmes at Pakistan College of Law.

Her research papers on "Shareholder Liability in context of Pakistan", "Childrens Right to Identity" and Liability of Parent Companies for the obligations of their Subsidiaries", have been published in the Pakistan Law Review. Her paper on "Islamic Principles on Adoption" was published in the Oxford University Press International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family, 2008. She is also the Editor of the chapter on Islamic Adoption in the text book Islamic Family Law, a publication of Sweet and Maxwell. Her paper on Islamic Principals on Adoption was also included in the ISLAM AND HUMAN RIGHTS LAW SERIES, an Edward Elgar publication, 2012.

Babar Farhan


Mr. Babar Farhan graduated from Government College, Lahore and went on to obtain legal qualifications from the Pakistan College of Law. His academic potential earned him a teaching post at PCL, where he is presently an Assistant Professor and Vice-Principal. His teaching areas are Pakistan Constitution, Law of Tort and Service Laws.

He has a research based approach and has assisted Prof. Tasneem Kausar in the areas of Criminal and Islamic Law. His technical grasp of the subjects he teaches has received approval and appreciation from the College and his students. He has an exceptional ability of relating to the needs of the student body and teaching difficult subjects in a comprehensive manner on the Punjab University as well as the University of London International Programmes.

Mr. Farhan also delivers lectures on Constitutional Law at the Pakistan Railway Services Academy, Walton, and is an Executive member of the Advocacy Skills Training Programme. Further, he has been appointed the member of Inter-University Course Curriculum Committee, University of the Punjab. Mr. Farhan ,has also worked as the Deputy Director of the Department of Human Rights & Minorities Affairs, Government of Punjab. Presently he is working as the Vice Principal of Pakistan College of Law.

Aamnah Akhtar


Ms. Aamnah Akhtar is a graduate of Lahore College for Women and obtained her legal education from the Pakistan College of Law with distinction. She excelled during her academic period and her abilities were acknowledged by the College through being awarded several positions as teaching assistant.

She is presently a lecturer in PCL and specializes in Constitutional Law and Law of Evidence. Her effective approach towards delivering an understanding of difficult legal concepts to under-graduate law students encourages them to grasp the conceptual aspects and then delve into the practical side of law.

Along with her teaching assignments Ms. Akhtar is also involved in conducting of the study circle as well as seminars and workshops. Such endeavors on her part have contributed immeasurably towards providing students with greater exposure to issues beyond their usual study.

Dr. Prof. Marjoleine Zieck

Phd (University of Amsterdam)

Dr. Prof. Marjoleine Zieck has a doctorate in International Law from the University of Amsterdam and is at present Professor of International Refugee Law, Director of the Amsterdam Graduate Law School, Vice Dean Amsterdam Law School and Dean of Admissions University of Amsterdam. Dr. Zieck is at present also Extraordinary Professor of Public International Law at Pakistan College of Law.

Dr. Zieck is a regular visitor to the College and conducts for second year law students a certificate course on Fundamental of International Law. She also lectures on International Refugee Law at the College. Dr. Zieck has several published research papers to her credit and her latest work is a book on Refugee Law called “UNHCR's worldwide presence in the field; A legal Analysis of UNHCR's cooperation agreements”.

Anwaar Hussain

LL.B (PU), M.A. (PU), LL.M (McGill), DLL, DIPL

Upon completing his B.Sc from University of Punjab Mr. Anwaar Hussain obtained his legal education from the Pakistan College of Law. He went on to complete his LL.M from the prestigious McGill University, Canada with merit. He excelled as a student and was a recipient of several awards at College.

In his LL.B University examinations he obtained the highest aggregate merit and went on to top in the Punjab University Diploma courses on Labour and Intellectual Property Laws. His professional life includes working in the law firm of Cornelius, Lane & Mufti, as well as being a partner in the firm of Anwaar, Asim & Nauman. He is presently a legal consultant to the Government of Punjab. Alongside his practice, Mr. Anwaar Hussain pursued teaching in PCL for a number of years, which led to his present appointment as a visiting Associate Professor in the College.

His areas of interest lie in Contracts, Property Laws, Labor Laws and Taxation and he also tutors on American Constitutional Law and History. He is considered to be well respected not only in his legal practice but also on the basis of his professional repute that is highly regarded by the College as well as the student body of PCL.

Mr. Anwar has also served in the Department of Law & Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Punjab in the capacity of Legal Draftman. His major work includes the drafting of Punjab Rented Premises Ordinance 2007.

Omer Zeeshan Khan

LL.B (PCL), LL.M in Commercial Laws (NYU), LL.M in Taxation (NYU)

Mr. Omer Zeshan is a practicing lawyer who in a short period of time achieved not only academic but also professional distinction. His exceptional academic performance as a student of Pakistan College of Law earned him the prestigious Global Hauser Scholarship. As a Global Hauser Scholar he distinguished himself by obtaining a double Masters in Taxation and Corporate Law from New York University School of Law. He was in fact the first ever person from Pakistan to be awarded this scholarship.

In his professional capacity, Mr. Omer Zeshan has extensive experience in the corporate arena and has been an associate in the law firm of Mandiwalla & Zafar, assistant manager in the legal affairs division of Warid Telecom Limited and held positions in a number of American law firms. His specializations include taxation and electronic laws and at present he is working as an independent consultant in such areas.

For a number of years Mr. Zeshan has also chosen to combine his professional practice with that of teaching Company and Taxation Laws to undergraduates and postgraduate law students. His specialist knowledge has made him one of the few lawyers able to teach these particular subjects in Pakistan. Further, along with his position as Assistant Professor in the Pakistan College of Law, he is also a published researcher with several articles to his credit.

Alessandro Chieregato

LL.M (Italy)

Mr. Chieregato is an Italian national who holds an LL.M from the University of Pedua, Italy. He recently joined PCL on a full time basis and teaches the subject of Public International Law. He is also a Student Counselor as well as assists final year students with developing their research and writing skills. As a highly motivated and well respected member of faculty Mr. Chieregato is a welcome addition to the permanent faculty.

Iram Irshad Bhatti

M.A (English Literature), LL.B (PCL)

Ms. Iram has obtained her Masters degree form University of the Punjab in Islamic Studies and English Literature. She has worked in the Kipling Language Centre as an English Language Instructor.

She conducts spoken English courses which consists of four integral parts, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. To enhance these skills, she organizes, weekly presentations, group discussions and many other activities with the support of audio video materials, and helps the students to learn basic communication skills in order for them to become successfull legal professionals.

Zainab Lodhi

B.A, LL.B (PU)

Ms. Zainab Lodhi obtained her legal qualifications from the University of the Punjab. She has been for the past seven years practicing law with the law firm of Cornelius, Lane and Mufti. Ms. Lodhi has attended national and international conferences in Pakistan as well as in China. She is permanent faculty in PCL, where her areas of teaching are Property Laws with special focus on Intellectual Property.

Maryam Akram

LL.B (London)

Maryam Akram graduated with an LL.B (Hons.) from the University of London and was appointed as a full-time member of staff in Pakistan College of Law. Presently she has a number of responsibilities that includes the designation of Assistant Student Co-ordinator, Qualifying Law Degree Skills Assistant, Law Foundation Course and Activity Class Conductor for BA (Law), Sub-Editor of PCL's Law Journal 'Pakistan Law Review' and Editor of PCL's Newsletter 'Legal Maxim'. In a short period of time Ms. Maryam has established herself as a valuable member of faculty and extra-curricular facilitator within the student body.

Mehak Zaraq Bari

LL.B. Hons., University of London, Diploma in Economics (London), Bsc In Accounting and Finance (London)

Mehak Zaraq Bari has graduated twice from the University of London and has been appointed as a part of the Pakistan College of Law's permanent faculty. She is the Common Law Reasoning and Institutions tutor and will be teaching Sociology to BA as well. As a student she was an avid mooter and researcher who participated in international moot court competitions and workshops. Furthermore, having advanced technical skills she has been the editor of the Legal Maxim and produces most of the cover artwork.

Mawra Raja

Miss Mawra Raja is a law graduate of the University of London International Programs (ULIP) and the alumni of the Pakistan College of Law. During her studies, Ms. Raja had been engaged in several extracurricular activities alongside studies such as writing, researching and mooting. These inculcated in her various skills like time-management, organization, pressure handling, multi-tasking, refined oratory and interpersonal skills. Currently Ms. Mawra is a permanent member of faculty in PCL conducting Tutorials in the subject of Jurisprudence and Legal Theory for the students of both University of London International Programmes and University of Punjab.