The University of Delhi is the premier university of India and is known for its high standards in teaching and research and attracts eminent scholars to its faculty. When the University Grants Commission started establishing Centres of Advanced Studies in the country, 6 were awarded to the University of Delhi out of a total of 18 such centres in the early sixties. These Centres of Advanced Studies are now the centres of excellence in teaching and research in their respective areas.

Delhi Law School is a premier legal educational institution of South Asia and is given this recognition by the every prestigious legal institution globally.

The linkage between PCL and University of Delhi's Faculty of Law began with the visit of its Dean, Dr. Prof. Nomita Aggarwal to PCL in January 2006. She is an imminent educationist of international repute, who recognized PCL as the legal education provider in Pakistan. A linkage was formed between the two institutions, which culminated in a student exchange programme, through which PCL students visited University of Delhi and the law students of the University are expected to visit PCL in October 2006. The collaboration went further in regards to research. Prof. Tasneem Kausar of PCL and Dr. Prof. Nomita Aggarwal of Delhi University, along with Ms. Geeta Sekhon contributed a research article to their institutions respective Law Journals. The inauguration of PCL's publication of the Pakistan Law Review, in June 2006, was attended by Prof. Aggarwal who read a review of one of the articles in the Review and provided support for PCL's endeavors. Further, the forthcoming seminar on Human Rights being conducted by PCL is in collaboration with University of Delhi.