Pakistan College of Law offers many opportunities to its law students for widening their horizons outside the formal curriculum. Several societies and groups are active at the Pakistan College of Law. The following list introduces these groups that are available to the students to take part in.

The success of these groups is solely the responsibility of the student body……….YOU WILL ONLY GET OUT OF THEM WHAT YOU PUT IN! At PCL outstanding students have been engaged in and have the opportunity to work for international organizations like:

Amnesty International
Human Rights Society of Pakistan / HRCP
World Wildlife Federation
Commonwealth Legal Education Association
Law Asia

The main societies and clubs active at PCL are:

Student Society

This is a focal point for various student activities, such as book review sessions, researches and discussions, lectures by guest speakers, etc. One of the main tasks of this society is to give expression to the intellectual aspirations of the student body. It provides a platform for focused discussion on a wide range of issues. It contributes to enliven the academic environment at the PCL. Its membership is open to all PCL students.

Shakespeare and Law Group

Literature and Law are closely inter-linked to each other. Much before there was John Grisham, the law was the subject at the centre of Shakespeare’s works. The Faculty and students of PCL having keen interest in the works of Shakespeare and their impact on the understanding of law formed a group, which holds informal meetings over tea or coffee to discuss their views on the Bard’s writings. It has proven to be highly successful in that it helps in developing in its participants communication that is based upon analysis and structured arguments. Besides the work……..its great fun to be getting together once a week in a relaxed environment to talk about what one has read, even if it’s a paragraph.

PCL Debating Society

Debates are a central part of student life in PCL. The PCL Debating Society is open to all students who apply to be members of its executive body. The activities of the Society take place through out the academic session. These include the inter-class debates in which all classes competes with each other for the best debaters of the year. The competition is judged by imminent personalities and a chief guest is specially invited to award the prizes to the successful speakers.

The most prestigious event in the Debating Society’s activities calendar is that of the Annual Sardar Iqbal Declamation Contest. The Society arranges this contest, which is open to debating teams from High Schools, Colleges and Universities in Pakistan. It is an event that is eagerly looked forward to and arrangements for it begin months before the event takes place.

The Debating Society is proud to have successfully hosted in 2006, the 4th Sardar Iqbal Declamation on College premises. The winning team from Cardinal School, Lahore was awarded the trophy.

Social Work

Whether it is donating blood to the Fatmid Foundation or collecting funds for the Tsaunami victims, PCL students have always risen to the challenge of contributing to such social causes.

When the catastrophic earthquake hit the northern area of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, the students and faculty of the College came together as ONE to provide relief for the survivors.

Not only did the students collect relief goods, they went on the busy roads to gather funds. The dedication towards helping those in need did not stop there; the students personally accompanied and guided relief trucks with essential supplies to remote areas of Azad Kashmir. During this time the College took on the image of a relief camp sending trucks of goods every single day for weeks. The work by the students and well-wishers in this regards was carried out with zeal, dedication and the knowledge that such events take place to give a chance to not those in need of the help but to those who can help to show the best face of humanity.

Book Club

A book club was set up by like minded members of the College, which is a modest effort in promoting the habit of reading books. A variety of subject matter ranging from such classics as Galsworthy’s “Justice” to Greg Mortenson’s “Three Cups of Tea” to Karen Armstrong’s “Through a Narrow Gate”, amongst many more have so far been part of the reading activities of the Club. It is a Club that is intended to go beyond the boundaries of the College and develop into a group that will remain connected in the future. All are welcome from the College to join us in the world of infinite imagination…………

Excellence Club

Opportunities are available to those students who are focused upon the attaining the best possible results in their exams and graduate as accomplished personalities. The Excellence Club provides those who are willing to work beyond the requirements of the syllabus and discover there is more to law than memorizing the Pakistan Penal Code. Only those who can take the challenge of hard work and live up to their aspirations as role models to rest of the student body may apply. A lot is expected of those who are allowed in to this group and their commitment to it is always under scrutiny by those in-charge. So if you choose to dare then the Club can promise you victory in what you aspire to achieve.

PCL Law Journal and Legal Research Unit

The Pakistan Law Review is published by the PCL faculty and a select group of students in association with the Legal Research Unit of PCL. The Research Unit provides students with opportunities to become research assistants for the Law Review. A select group of students are chosen from those who apply for the research positions and they are allocated duties with either the research faculty or assisting in the editing and formatting of the Review. Appointment as research assistant is a highly prestigious position, which provides experience that will contribute immensely to those students wanting to pursue higher qualifications or a career in research.

Mooting Society

Mooting has been the traditional activity of Law Schools, which contribute immensely towards a law student’s practical understanding and application of law. PCL has a history of producing lawyers who are for a number of years provided training programme for Advocacy Skills. This training along with Mooting are provided for building confidence in students to argue coherently, logically and focusing on the problem at hand. In order to further expand this activity, the College is conducting an inter-collegiate Moot Court Competition amongst Pakistani Law Colleges. Students who are interested in being part of the Mooting Society are recommended to apply in writing.

Women in Law Group

At PCL is a society that acts as a liaison between female students, the faculty and the legal profession. The primary goal of WLG is to provide educational support structure and research opportunities for female law students. The group serves as a forum for developing discourse on about issues affecting women pertaining to their rights, careers, families, etc. The WLG also encourage women graduates to pursue higher education and specialization abroad.