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Career Progression

With our Moto of Student First, we at Pakistan College of Law do not just focus on the academics of students but also their Career Development and Progression. We help in finding their career paths according to their individual talents and potentials. Furthermore, we encourage and facilitate our students to apply for summer internships after their first year onwards. This way they will gain work experience and have an awareness of what career paths and jobs will suit them. They will be more informed of employer and market requirements which will help them become more employable and excel in their careers. We also help them in applying for further education opportunities abroad and facilitate their Continuous Professional Development.

Full Support for Further Education:

PCL helps their students in the processes of passing the Bar examinations, judicial examinations and also helps students to apply abroad. There are intensive workshops and conferences as well as one on one faculty-student mentoring that help in career counselling and development. These not only help you make a decision about your careers but also impart knowledge and skills needed to make future careers and life decisions. University applications also require personal statements and references, thus with the help of our esteemed faculty you will be guided to the best of our abilities to make sure your application stands out giving you a fair chance in securing admissions .


PCL has a strong network of professional individuals and organisations formally and informally.  Throughout the years of study, out students get international and local exposure through series of conferences, seminars and internships. Also Employer Events help students benefit from the knowledge about the business and what the employers want from their future employees. Over the years PCL has also helped dozens of students secure places in the Supreme Court Judicial Clerkship, as well avail the UOL paid internship programme opportunities and helped students get jobs in law offices and firms.


PCL students stand out because of the wide exposure and opportunities they are given. To name just a few : they have the opportunities to write for law journals, apply for and secure paid internships, and network with international and local judges, academics, lawyers and experts. They also have the opportunities to compete in International and National Mooting Competitions, Model United Nation Competitions and debating competitions which PCL trains them for with specially hired coaches.

Internships/Job opportunities:

Since our networking is profound the number of internships and job opportunities are numerous. We are not only trying to focus our energies into helping our students gain job opportunities or internships, but we are also helping them in building professional CV, and also training them for interviews.  This helps them shine bright and show their employer the potential that a candidate may have. These opportunities may include but are not limited to; Judicial Clerkships, internships or job opportunities in top law firms in the country. Thus PCL ensures that each student explores their capabilities and aptitude which will in turn help them reach their full potential.