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Curriculum Innovations

PCL intends to prepare its students for contemporary and future legal challenges and opportunities, and therefore advances knowledge on the cutting-edge areas of law.

The college has recently updated its curriculum by inducting courses on more than five different and most-happening areas of law. This new and dynamic curriculum accomplishes the core mission of the college, i.e. to prepare leaders in the practice of law, public and community service, and commerce. Particularly, over the past two years, PCL has enhanced the depth and breadth of its LLB curriculum by including certificate and seminar courses on Human Rights Law, Environmental Law, International Trade Law, International Commercial Arbitration, Intellectual Property Law, Law & Literature.

PCL has build its academic programme as a dynamic process, with new innovations and ideas constantly emerging. PCL’s curriculum innovations are, therefore, not an end, but rather a beginning of an ongoing, vibrant process of building new ideas on the foundation of our classical educational core.