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Law Clinic

Pakistan College of Law in affiliation with Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, introduced the latest innovation known as Pakistan Law Clinic. Lawyers, lecturers and fresh law graduates believed that practical aspects of law should be instilled in law students during their study of law. Due to the absence of practical elements from law school curriculum fresh law graduates found it hard to settle in the tough and hectic work environments at law firms or court practices.

Clinical legal education is inherently a cross-cutting theme. If carried out with pedagogical integrity, it deepens the quality of education and helps lay a foundation for law students to carry with them throughout their careers a greater sense of professional commitment to public service. At the same time, legal clinics often provide needed services to the larger community beyond the classroom on a range of legal issues.

Ultimately, clinics immerse the legal academy both students and teachers in the world as actors, not merely observers.

Pakistan Law Clinic (PLC) is the first step in introducing the clinical method of legal education in Pakistan College of Law. Along with this, PLC has also ensured that the curriculum of its clinical legal education (taught at Pakistan College of Law) is built around major social issues such as women’s rights, child labor, rights of juvenile delinquents, and rights of other poor and vulnerable groups

If the goal of law school is to teach you to think like a lawyer, the goal of PCL is to enhance the experience of becoming a lawyer by reminding you of how you can, and why you should, cultivate your innate ability to think, feel and be exactly.

Currently, there is a number of members of faculty who are working in Pakistan Law Clinic, The clinical program is held twice a year with 16 students taken on board, from final year of both University of London and University of Punjab LLB Programs. The works of the Clinic involve training law students in Civil and Criminal Advocacy as well as full fledged visits to Civil and Session Courts.

The Clinic is looking forward to bring forth petitions pertaining to Environmental Laws in Pakistan.

Pakistan College of Law recognized the need of introducing a practical training for students, hence it has done so by the means of a clinical program. The members of staff involved hope to expand the initiative nationally and invite students who are looking to enhance their credibility in the careers. With this initiative taken, it truly reflects the ethos of the College to which it is most devoted to.