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Our Aims

Pakistan College of Law is dedicated to the professional training of future lawyers. To accomplish this goal, the College strives to provide an effective and inspiring faculty that can train students in legal analysis and in developing articulate and persuasive oral and written skills of advocacy. In line with this, the faculty is committed towards the following aims and objectives of the College:

  • To maintain high academic standards;
  • To expand the substantive knowledge of students;
  • To equip the students with legal professional skills;
  • To develop an academic methodology that commensurate with the requirements of
    practical legal training;
  • To prepare our students for competitive exams such as CSS, PCS and Judicial Service
  • To refine the intellectual abilities of our students to ensure their eligibility for higher
    education abroad;
  • To nurture in our students the vision to uphold professionalism with a strong sense of
    leadership; and
  • To prepare our students for successful careers in multinational corporations, banks and
    other international organizations such as UNO, World Bank and IMF.