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Post Graduate Programs

Message from Director, LLM Programs

At PCL, we believe that Pakistani students should get an access to a good, reputable and comprehensive post graduate law programs. University of London post-graduate programs offered at Pakistan College of Law are exactly one such opportunity. Offered by the outstanding faculty of Pakistan College having brilliant academic credentials and law practice portfolios, these post-graduate programs at PCL will be a great opportunity to enhance one’s understanding of law and law-practicing career.

Programs Offered:

Post-Graduate Programmes Offered at Pakistan College of Law
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Law
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Law
  • LLM

Program Details:

Specializations for LLM currently on offer are following:
  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • International Dispute Resolution
  • Environment and Natural Resources Laws
  • Human Rights Laws
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Family Laws
For session stating from September 2021, Pakistan College will be offering as many as 18 different courses for the graduate students to choose from.
LLM available in 10 specializations
• Commercial and Corporate Law
• International Dispute Resolution
• International Business Law
• Environment and Natural Resources Laws
• Human Rights Laws
• Criminology and Criminal Justice
• Legal Theory and History
• Family Laws
• Common Law
• Public Law

Why Join PCL For L.L.M Program?

We are ready for you!

Porf. Humayoun Ihsan

MA in International Relations (U. Cal- Berkeley)
LLM (Washington College of Law, American University)
LLB (Univ. of Punjab)

Prof. Tasneem Kausar

LLM (Yale Law School)
(Graduate Teaching Scholar)
(International Fellow of AAUW)
MA in Pol Sc (Univ. of Punjab)
LLB (PCL-Univ. of Punjab)

Barrister Shabnam Ishaque

LLM in International Trade and Commercial Law (Durham)
Bar-at-Law (Lincoln’s Inn)
LLB Hons. (College of Law of England and Wales)

Ms. Aamnah Akhtar

LLM in Environmental and Natural Resources Law (UOL)
LLB (PCL-Univ. of Punjab)

Ms. Shanza Baig

LLM in International Law & Policy Making (Ruhr-Universität, Germany (European Union Erasmus Mundus Full Scholar)
MA in Pol. Sc (Univ. of Punjab)
LLB (PCL-Univ. of Punjab)

Shahab Qutub

LLM in General Legal Studies (NYU)
(Global Hauser Scholar)
LLB (PCL-Univ. of Punjab)

Hasan Kamran Bashir

LLM (Harvard)
LLB (Univ. of Punjab)
MSc in International Relations (Quaid-e-Azam Univ.)

Zeeshan Zafar Hashmi

LLM (Harvard)

Fatima Rizvi

LLM in Corporate and Commercial Law (UOL)
LLB Hons (UOL)

Fayez Qamar

LLM (Univ. College London)
LLB Hons (UOL)

Syed Ali Raza

LLM in International & Comparative Laws (NUS)
Draper Hills Fellow (Stanford University, USA)
Legislative Fellow (US State Department)
LLB (PCL-Univ. of Punjab)

Muhammad Mustafa Khan

LLM in Corporate Law (Cambridge)

Ibraheem Haroon

LLM (Cornell)

Momina Taufeeq

LLM (U. Cal -Berkeley)

Saiqa Sajjad

LLM in Family Laws (UOL)
Post-Graduate Certificate in Family Laws
LLB (PCL-Univ of Punjab)

Fatima Gill

LLM (ongoing) (UOL)
Post-Graduate Diploma in International Business Law
Post-Graduate Certificate in Corporate & Commercial Law

Research Opportunities For L.L.M Students

  • Internship at PCLRP.
  • Opportunity to research for PCL-DRC.
  • Conducting graduate seminars.
  • Opportunity to publish in PLR, PCL Student Law Journal and various national and international journals.
  • Opportunity to write for newspaper.

Campus Facilites

PCL campus is a community, interacting with each other in a compact environment and working together towards the betterment of Legal education. The campus spread across four buildings in the same area where the Faculty, Staff and Students work together to form affiliations with each other and develop pride towards the institution where they all obtained a greater understanding of Law. The Campus provides an environment that generates a feeling of pride and a sense of achievement, which should remain with the students in the future.