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Symposiums and Conferences

Pakistan College of Law regularly conducts symposiums and conferences on issues that Pakistan’s Legal System faces and are pertinent to the socio-legal climate of Pakistan Today.

Below are just a few examples of such events conducted by PCL:

On Saturday February 2, 2019 was held in Pakistan College of Law the Pakistan Law Review’s 2nd Symposium entitled “CRIMES AGAINST DIGNITY”. Three sessions were held with authors of research papers presenting their research work concerning Dignity Rights. The Keynote Address was made at the start by Prof. James May and Prof. Erin Daly, both from Delaware Law School and Co-founders of the Dignity Rights Project. Both Professors spoke on the subject of “Indivisibility of Human Rights and Environmental Rights”.

Keynote Address was also made by Prof. Julia Fromholz of Arizona State University on the area of “INL-ASU Project for Legal Research and Writing in Pakistan”. SESSION 1 of the Symposium was entitled “Violation of vulnerable persons dignity” which was moderated by Ms. Momina Iftikar

On Saturday November 4, 2017 was held in Pakistan College of Law a Symposium under the Pakistan Center of Legal Research and Publication, supported by Arizona State University. The Keynote Address at the symposium was made by Mr. Justice (R.) Khalil ur Rehman Ramday followed by presentations of research work by Academics on diverse topics concerning the criminal justice system of Pakistan.

On Tuesday February 14, 2017 was conducted a seminar on child labour in Pakistan. In the presence of students and guests speakers at the event presented information regarding the existing Pakistani laws concerned with the issue of child labour. Mr. Saroop Ijaz presentation was entitled “Causes of Child Labour and How to Erradicate them”. Mr. Ibrahim Haroon explained to the audience “Current Legal Status of Child Labour Laws”. Mr. Asfandyar Warrraich spoke on “Pakistan’s International Obligations towards Child Labour” and Mr. Asad Jamal presented on the “Legal Reforms with regards to Child Labour”. The presentations were followed by a question and answer session by the audience the content of which reflected the variety of non-legal views on the reasoning for the existence of child labour in Pakistan. This event was organised by the Pakistan Centre of Legal Research and Publication as its first seminar of this kind on issues that require research in regards to the Pakistani legal system.