The uniqueness of PCL faculty is their abilities in teaching through techniques comprising of lectures and such methodologies as:

  • Interactive programs designed to encourage student communication with the faculty
  • Broad based Tutorial system to supplement regular teaching

Instead of following outdated methods of teaching, we use innovative techniques and follow a blend of English and American law school teaching techniques. The classroom methods are at times socratic that encourage student participation and focus on developing independent thinking in the students. Our overriding principle is to maintain close links between the faculty and the student body, and closely monitor their legal acumen and reasoning skills.

All subjects of the LL.B syllabus are primarily taught on a lecture basis with American on- the-spot teaching style. Besides these formal lectures we conduct tutorials where our professionally trained tutors provide one-on-one coaching to the students, utilizing Oxford/Cambridge teaching methods, modified to contemporary situations.

Another regular intensive teaching programme is the Summer Camp, which primarily focuses on rigorous conducting of revision sessions of the core subjects. Seminars, Workshops and Law Moots are the other forms of instruction at PCL, which are conducted to enhance learning.

Our teaching methods are creative and adapted to the needs of the time. They are geared towards preparing PCL students for professional excellence.