The University of London  International Programmes is a world renowned provider of legal education. For over 150 years its LLB has provided the first step on a career route for many thousands of practicing lawyers within the Commonwealth and around the world. Academic direction for the Undergraduate Laws Programme is provided by six University of London  International Programmes Colleges with Law Schools or Departments, collectively known as the Laws Consortium. The six Colleges are: Birkbeck, King's College London, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Queen Mary, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), and UCL (University College London).

The College provides assistance in this regards. The College has designed a course to ensure that you pass and do well on the University of London International Programmes LLB. 

  • The College offers both 3 year and 4 year programmes, details of which are as follows:
  • A comprehensive Program covering wide variety of subjects.
  • Minimum period of study 3 Years.
  • Work assessed on the same standard as that of a student who attends in London.
  • Examinations are held world wide in May or June each Year.
  • Program is taught by a qualified and distinguished faculty.
  • On successful completion, the student is awarded a University of London  International Programmes Degree.
  • Successful students are eligible to progress to the next stage of training as Barristers or Solicitors (subject to QLD).

PCL is listed on the London University web-site ( as a Pakistani institution providing tuition to enrolled students of the University.

The following are the subjects taught on this programme:


Standard Entry Route - Qualifying Law Degree (LLB)

Standard Entry Route - Non Qualifying Law Degree (LLB)

Graduate Entry Route - Qualifying Law Degree (LLB)

Graduate Entry Route - Non Qualifying Law Degree (LLB)

Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law